How to activate x ray in zbrush

how to activate x ray in zbrush

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ZBrush 2021.6.2 Ray Trace Ambient Occlusion
Depending on the model you have and the effect you want to achieve, choose whether to leave SmoothUV option on or off. We leave it off here as. just wondering whether there Is currently an 'X-ray' mode that turns all other meshes semi transparent so that you can more easily position. X-Ray can bake AO and Cavity maps for you and use them for masking the layers. Infinite Texture Resolution Using projection layers you can zoom.
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What is the most ridiculous Blender defaults you have learnt to live with but still pisses you off? It would be very convenient in order to make very general tweakings, not every tool, just the move tool. The absolute hubris of this nonsensical inconsistent crap is beyond�. Click TPoseMesh. For the most parts lasso and circle tools, verts box selection It temporary toggle shading preferences.